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Graffiti Style Coloring Book

Graffiti Style Coloring Book

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Author: Tobias Barenthin Lindblad

Editor: Bjaorn Almqvist

"Young and old all over the world love the coloring books published by Dokument Press. This new title: Graffiti Style Coloring Book features improved paper and format. Use your markers and paint on both sides of the page without bleeding.

"The Graffiti Style Coloring Book covers a range of styles from naa¯ve, playful lettering to razor-sharp wild styles. Cover artist is the legendary Copenhagen graffiti writer Cave. All illustrations are original artworks made by experienced graffiti kings worldwide.

"The Graffiti Style Coloring Book is the real thing -- it's not copying a graffiti 'style', it's real graffiti.

"This coloring book is an excellent way to start out in graffiti. Explore the medium, be creative, make an impact and immerse yourself in the world of graffiti. The Graffiti Style Coloring Book offers a relaxing approach to coloring at the same time as it is an informative art collection."

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